We Do Not Live In A Rape Culture: What We Men Can Learn From The Kavanaugh Incident

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Feminism has lost its own point.

Some say that we live in a rape culture. But if that were true, then we wouldn’t give so much weight to the words of women like Ford.

Yes, they declared Kavanaugh innocent.

Yes, they secured Kavanaugh’s position.

At the end of the day, he won. But, understand something:

In a true rape culture, Ford would not have gotten the social support that she did. Millions of people took her side.

They still do.

People from around the world heard Ford’s accusations. But, it doesn’t matter if who’s side you took. That’s not what we’re focusing on.

Our point is this:

If we lived in a true rape culture, Ford would have needed far more than her words to get the attention she got. Kavanaugh’s reputation is still damaged, forever.

Without any evidence. Decades after the alleged incident. Without full support from even her friends, Ford marred a man’s name for life.

That’s power. That’s actually more power than a man has.

If Kavanaugh came out and said that someone raped him, we all know few would care. Not only would few care, many would likely laugh at him. Many of the same people who claim to stand for gender equality.

Thus, feminism has lost its own point. The feminists of today are not the feminists of yesterday.

What We Men Should Pay Attention To

Men could have always benefitted more from using their big head instead of the little one. But times have changed. They need to focus with the big head more than ever.

A woman can be of pathetic character. She can be a travesty of a strong woman who takes responsibility for herself.

The weaker woman will feel compelled to lie to warp conflicts into her favor. Whereas, the stronger woman wouldn’t need to.

But the weaker woman’s baseless words will ring loud. They will set fire to social circles.

And to add gas to the flames, the Internet never forgets.

Men should think, and think hard, about whom they’re about to sleep with. Because, in some cases, you don’t even need to sleep with them.

She could just claim that you did, and people will believe her.

What men should pay attention to are the subtleties in her mannerisms. Ask her a question that, to answer, reveals her take on personal responsibility.

You can’t ask directly. You won’t get the truth.

Here’s an example question:

Jeff Bezos granted his workers the $15 minimum wage they wanted. But, he took away their stock benefits and bonuses. Do you think he stole from his workers?

You can find out a lot about how a person thinks by how they answer this question. A person who believes in high self-responsibility will say something like “No. Bezos didn’t steal from his workers. They should take responsibility for what they asked for. Stock options are a privilege. And simply because Amazon is a multibillion dollar company is irrelevant. The size of the company shouldn’t matter. The size and wealth of Amazon is a distraction from the point: their decisions.”

Of course, they may not say exactly this. But, what you’re looking for is a person who believes in personal responsibility. The question is just an indirect means of getting to the truth.

A woman who believes in personal responsibility will be far less likely to play victim over lies. She wouldn’t be a victim, because she takes personal responsibility. See how that works?

What do you think the woman who will play victim will say? We know the answer, but do you?

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