The Top 5 Reasons Why Women Are Overrated

We can think of a thousand reasons why women overvalue themselves, but here are our top five:

1. False Rape Accusations

We have the most to say about this one. We men have become terrified to even look at women after the #MeToo movement. Feminists celebrate it as a victory, but they’re actually clueless.

Except for rare outliers, the typical feminist is unattractive by default. They’re only feminists for two reasons:

  • An inferiority complex
  • The inability to face the ugly reality of why they’re losers at life

…and here’s a hint that I’m sure you agree with us on: It’s not because of patriarchal oppression.

You’re guilty until proven innocent if someone accuses you of rape. And even once you’re proven innocent, people will always doubt your character from then on. Women have an unbelievable power to ruin a man’s reputation at the international level.

This can have an infinite amount of repercussions for a man’s life. He can lose his job. He can lose his family. Yet, women still claim to be powerless.

…okay. Victimhood is a power in and of itself in our culture. Don’t let them use that power on you.

2. Insecurity

Insecurity destroys the connection between people. Women are the most guilty of doing this. From her hair to why you didn’t notice that her left third eyelash was a millimeter too far to the left. A woman’s insecurity causes arguments where they never need to be.

This heightened stress takes off years of your life. There are actual scientific studies of how stress affects your body in all sorts of ways. It lowers your immune system and affects your sleep. These then lead to a myriad of other indirect symptoms that lead to premature aging and death. We’re not only speaking about natural death at 72 instead of 80. We’re talking about dying from a car accident at 28 because you couldn’t sleep the night before.

Don’t let that happen to you. Focus on you. Focus on becoming a better person.

3. Resource Vampirism

Women are living black holes for resources, especially if they come with kids. Even today with respect for tradition, you’re expecting to pay for almost everything.

Did you know that in Chinese tradition, they take this to what we’d view as an extreme? Even if the woman works, the man is still expected to pay for everything in the family.

We once knew a man who was in a miserable marriage with a controlling wife. They were high school sweethearts who had grown to despise each other.

She worked menial jobs, getting fired from one after the other. No one questioned it. But the man had to remain consistent with his pay, else they’d have looked down on him. The wife criticized him for everything he did, wrong or right.

Even after he divorced her, he still had to pay for the new apartment she moved into, as well as her lifestyle.

4. Withholding Sex

This one is self-explanatory. All men know of the woes that come with a woman that withholds sex after she’s gotten him locked down.

It always starts off great. In the beginning, they make it seem like they’re totally into all the stuff you’re into. Sports, movies and especially sex. But once you move in together or get married and they know you’re not going anywhere, sex comes to a screeching halt. They’re no longer in the mood, they have a headache. They also stop other things that attracted you to them like exercising, dressing sexy and taking care of their looks.

They’ve hooked you and now you’re stuck. And if you say anything about it, they try and make you feel guilty about it. Next thing you know, you’re watching porn to get off. And then they wonder why your eyes begin to wander. Smh.

5. Mindless Chatter

Another self-explanatory one. How many times are you focused on something and she comes in blabbing about a trillion things you don’t care about? You just want to relax and you play your video-game, the game or even on your work. And you have to act like you care or it’ll be a fight.

If you had sex for every story you didn’t give a crap about you’d be happy, but it doesn’t work that way. You have to listen to the nonsense about someone at work that’s trying to destroy her, but when it comes time to what you want, she has a headache.

It always about what she wants. Guys, get used to spending the rest of your life trying to make her happy while sacrificing all the things that you want. Sounds like hell to me.

So what’s a guy to do?

For years men had no real options. We’re all familiar with the old adage “Women. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.”

Thanks to technology, those days are over. Sex dolls are a hyper-realistic option that provides all the benefits of a woman with none of the drama. They look and feel so real that many guys are ditching the stress and drama most women bring to the table.

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