Why We Support Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)

We must remember what drives men. Testosterone serves the natural purpose of making us builders and warriors. But these are for what purpose?

Men become builders to build their nation, their home, their families. They become warriors to defend them.

Since the first cave markings, we can trace that it has been this way since the beginning. We have defended our women, food, lands, and children. Sometimes, from animals; other times, from other men.

Whenever a particular tribe has evolved to become adept at these, they form into a great nation. Strong men endure great sacrifice and competition to build better worlds. These worlds are not for men, but by men. They’re for the women and children. If the men achieve acute success, the civilization experiences peace.

Men can protect this peace for a generation or two without any problems. But if this peace extends much further, the women and children begin to forget the utility of men. They become distracted by the irrelevant. They begin to confuse what is detrimental to survival as “progressive.”

During times of crisis, men are heroes. There radiates something attractive within even the homeliest man who saves his people. But during times of extended peace, men realize that they outlive their purpose. They serve so long as heroes of their civilizations that they become its villains.

What happens after this cultural shift occurs is the fall of the civilization. Sometimes, in history, it has happened with swiftness; other times, it has shown in the form of a long, slow rot.

But there have always been different handfuls of men who have the strength to rebuild. But first, a separation from the toxicity of their failing societies must occur.

These outstanding men must go their own way. They’ve no choice but to disconnect themselves from society as it punishes itself. Men going their own way is not new. It’s a returning to the basics of morality and reason that have existed since the beginning.

We at MyPlayBae.com support men going their own way. Join our community to discuss topics and digest content written by your fellow men. We get it. We understand. And we’re with you.

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