The Counter-Intuitive Reason Why Play Baes Get You Laid

Have you ever noticed the recurring pattern in people who get laid the most? The ones who care the least about getting laid seem to get it the most. Why?


The one who cares least about a relationship is the one who controls it. The ones who need money the least are the ones who make it. The one who needs an exchange least is the one who controls its negotiation.

The people in control are in a state of abundance. Power begets power. So how do you gain power from a powerless position?

It’s the same as how one gets a job without any work experience. You need work experience to get a job, but you need a job to get work experience. For new life starters, this is a perplexing puzzle.

The same pattern applies to human relationships, especially romantic ones.

It doesn’t matter if your sole focus is to get laid or to build a real relationship. If you’re approaching women from a state of low power, rather than high, you’ll never get good results.

We bring you back to the job puzzle. The best way to enter any given job market is with a portfolio. The best way to build a portfolio is with faux-work. Volunteer work that’s relevant to the target industry.

If you have no official job experience but can show a portfolio of demonstrated talent, you’ll get a job.

A great way to enter the romance market is in the same pattern: Play Baes. It’s counter-intuitive because conventional opinion says not to do that. But we’re not conventional men, are we? When you disconnect from the social stigma attached to Play Baes, something happens. You realize that you can pleasure yourself at any time, to any limit of your desire.

This takes sexual power out of the hands of women: the true reason why they fear Play Baes. Women often brag about their vibrators and other toys. It makes sense why they wouldn’t want Play Baes in the market.

Play Baes give you a kind of abundance. You begin to care less about having sex, because you can get it with your companion at any time. When you start projecting that attitude, women will notice.

And that’s when they’ll want you, because that’s how it works.

Control the negotiation.

What are your thoughts on this? What are other ways men can regain sexual power, or gain more than we’ve ever had?

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